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Best Homemade Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening

No one’s teeth are naturally white. They are different shades of white so you can never really get 100% white teeth. But there are products which can help you remove stains and give your teeth a cleaner look.
The best way is to go to a dentist and pay for a teeth whitening treatment. But that is generally reserved for people who have badly stained teeth or people who have had their braces recently removed.

Cost of whitening your teeth professionally can be an expensive affair. A dentist whitening will cost you around $400-$600. However there are various other methods and products available in the market for tooth bleaching. Hydrogen Peroxide is the most effective ingredient which is used in all products for tooth whitening. There are various tooth gels, strips and equipments available which promises to bleach your teeth with ease.

Tips To Whiten Teeth Naturally

- Baking soda: You can easily form a paste of baking soda, some pinch of salt and vinegar for bleaching your teeth from the comfort and convenience of home. It is advisable to rinse your mouth properly after the process.

- Wood ash: Some people also employ wood ash for cleaning and polishing his or her teeth. Wood ash contains potassium, which can easily brighten your smile.

- Lemon: You can also apply lemon slices in your tooth for cleaning and bleaching it naturally.


It is advisable to consult a dentist before undergoing this treatment. It is advisable to cover your gum and enamel before bleaching your tooth.

In order to attain a brighter smile, you can also use tooth-whitening kits. Dazzle white is one of the best teeth whitening kit. It is extremely user-friendly and can transform your smile. This system only uses a pen applicator, which contains Hydrogen Peroxide for whitening your tooth. It also claims to whiten your teeth up to 3 shades in just one week. Unlike other messy techniques, dazzle white doesn’t include strips, light etc. The process takes only 3 minutes. It is advisable to brush your teeth 15 minutes before the process for getting best results. You should also rinse your mouth properly after the process is completed.

Tooth Whitening Leads in Cosmetic Dentistry

An informed do-it-yourself approach may be cheaper and, ultimately, just as effective. Costing $200 to $400, the kits work as well as or better than in-office treatments, according to Matis (Director of clinical research at Indiana University School of Dentistry). In studies, he has found that at-home treatments outperform all tested in-office products.

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