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Best Workout Program to Get Rock Hard Abs

When working out the last ting you’d want to do is waste your time. Too many people at the gym work on pointless and ineffective exercises that are just a waste of time and will never produce results.

Now some things you can’t do without – like a warm up. Your chances of injury are multiplied many times over when you don’t take the few minutes required to warm up. Some simple stretching and calisthenics – like squats and lunges – are fine for your warm up.

When you are ready for your abs building workout, you need to remember 4 golden rules. No matter who designs your program, you need to remember these golden rules.

Stability Exercises

Stability exercises come next to warm up exercises. These exercises use your body weight as resistance. These exercises are to be worked out intensely until you can do no more and shouldn’t be limited to the number of repetitions.

Crunches, flutter kicks, reverse crunches, or other exercises come under this category. Stability exercises don’t need for you to use any apparatus.

Six Abs BuildingStability with Resistance Exercises

The next rule is to follow immediately with stability resistance exercises. These are basically the same exercises that you have done before – but with WEIGHT ADDED.

Incline bench crunch, a weighted crunch or a weighted straight leg crunch are some good examples for of stability with resistance exercises.

Core Strengthening Exercises

The next rule is to follow with core strengthening exercises. these include the most complex movements of all. The require exact body position and execution.

Some core strengthening exercises that you can do lying down are the Plank, the Side Plank, and the Superman. Core strengthening exercises that you do standing are cable torso twists, woodchoppers, and "around the world."

Unbalanced Exercises

Final rule: finish your workout with unbalanced exercises. These are the hardest part of your total routine. The idea here is to do an exercise that actually throws your body out of balance.

For example, you might get into a push-up position with your body straight, then lift one arm toward the ceiling and open your entire torso to that side. Repeat on the other side. Very hard to do, even if you’re in awesome shape!

Five or ten of each unbalanced exercise should be sufficient. You can’t and shouldn’t do many reps of the exercises.

Remember no workout "works" unless you eat the right foods and build up your workouts properly.

Keep these 4 golden rules in mind when developing your workout routine. The golden rule 5 is that your form must be absolutely perfect. For building that gorgeous rock hard abs you need to design an effective workout.


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