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Great Fat Burning Exercises

Fat burning workouts are exercises that can burn loads of calories because of its high muscle involvement and also its high level of intensity. Sounds scary right? Well, don’t be. The exercises that we are going to discuss are some common exercises but the only thing that is different is that we are going to modify it a bit in the terms of resting period, speed and also the approach of doing it.

If you want a quick idea of how we can increase intensity, pay attention. You can increase intensity by increasing the workload or decreasing the rest between sets. Got it? It is all about increasing the heart rate.

Here are some quick tips of some fabulous calorie burning exercises.


Supersets are a method used in weight training where by two apposing muscle group is worked back to back without rest. For example a standing bicep curl superset with a triceps press down. Then, take a short break not more that one minute and then continue with the second set.


Fat Burning WorkoutsThis is an advanced method used by body builders in preparation of their contest. It used because of the high intensity and results it generates. Basically, a triset is three exercises done back to back to hit a large muscle group. It is usually used to exercise the quads, hamstrings, back and shoulders. For example, the shoulders have the front deltoid, the lateral deltoid and the rear deltoid. So the perfect example of a shoulder triset is bent over rear delt dumbbell raises, standing dumbbell raises and front dumbbell raises. All done back to back with no rest in between. This workout will really give your canon ball shoulders the shredded look!


It is called high intensity interval training or also known as wind sprints. You can read more about here. Basically, it is a short 20 minute very high intensity cardio workout that can burn lots of body fat even after the workout it self. Highly recommended!


RPM is an aerobic class designed by Less Mills. It is a high intensity cycling class which is also known as spinning. Using the specially designed bikes for high speed riding, specially created cosmic studio and qualified instructor, you can burn up to 700 calories in 45 minutes if done properly.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is one of the best methods for burning fat especially for individuals that have less time to spare and always in the go. You can read more about it here. The idea of circuit training is to get the benefit of training with weights and also the benefit of cardio. We need to train with weights to build muscle, increase strength and to increase metabolism. In the other hand, we need cardio to increase stamina and burn body fat. There for, with circuit training, which is an interval of cardio and weight training done back to back, one can really benefit from both worlds.

Long Slow Jog

Long slow jog is the conventional method that have been used for weight loss. This is a cardio workout that is done at 70 to 75 percent of max heart rate. The only set back is that it has to be done up to 45 minutes. You should not be out of breath in this exercise unlike sprinting. The reason behind this exercise is that by doing cardio at 70 to 75 percent of max heart rate, the body will tap into the fat cells and use more body fat as energy for the cardio instead of sugar, protein and muscle. This method definitely works, if you have the extra time.

Cardio done in the morning

Cardio done in the morning is much better for fat burning because in the morning, the sugar levels in the body are very low. By doing cardio first thing in the morning, the body will use fat instead of sugar because there is no supply of sugar in the morning as the sugar have been used up at night. Not only that, by doing cardio in the morning, you will get the benefit of increased metabolism for the whole day. If you do your cardio at night, you will only benefit from the metabolism increase for the few hours before you go to bed. Not only that, you need to do extra minutes on cardio to burn of the sugar from lunch before tapping into the fat stores.

If you still not getting the results that you want, then get hold of a Professionally Designed Fat Burning Program. This will help you skip the learning curve and straight into the details of how to burn fat.


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