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How to Approach Women Easily

Looking for tips on how to approach woman? There are many methods and ways to approach a woman, it depends on where you are and what situation you are in. If you know how to use the right techniques, you can approach any women anywhere at anytime of the day.

Here are some tips for you to approach any women you want:

Ask for a favour

You can approach a woman and tell her that you have some urgent errands to run, so you need her help to look after your belongings for 10 minutes. You can then thank her after returning and offer her a treat at the nearby coffee house.

Ask questions

Approach WomanApproach a woman and ask her some questions, and she will start talking to you because she needs to answer you. Unless she really dislikes you at first sight, if not you can continue with the conversation depending on how you tackle the situation.

Offer your help

If you see a woman carrying lots of things, you can approach her and offer your help. If she accepts your help, your conversation can start from there.

Be Humorous

Remember, women like to listen to jokes. You can entertain them by telling them some jokes. Making them laugh will let them remember you as you have created a deep impression for her.

There are techniques that you can learn on how to approach woman, simply learn it and approach any women you want. Believe in yourself and you will be able to do things that you dare not to do beforehand.


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