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How to Grow Thick Hair

Hair GrowthA thick, flowing head of hair is a beautiful asset. If your hair appears to be less lush than you remember, you may need to visit a doctor as hair loss can be an early indication of a variety of health problems. However, if you just want to have thicker, healthier hair and you are not actually experiencing hair loss, then these tips may be helpful.

Cut off any and all damaged hair. Damaged hair not only appears to be thinner than the rest of your hair, but it can cause the damage to creep up your hair, making it look dry, brittle and thin. Split ends in particular can be hugely damaging and will prevent you from getting the thick hair you want.

Condition regularly. Your hair goes through a lot of trauma due to weather exposure and styling. A weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment will help keep it thicker and healthy rather than allowing it to lose its outer layers to styling or other stress.

Take your vitamins. Have you ever noticed that pregnant women tend to have the most luxurious, shiny, thick hair? This is not just because they are "glowing," it’s due to the extra boost their hair is getting from prenatal vitamins. Talk to a dietitian to determine how much of a vitamin you can take over the FDA recommended daily dose to ensure that your hair grows thicker but that you do not overdo it.

Stay hydrated. Your body–including your hair–needs water to survive. To get thick hair, your hair shafts need to be flexible and resilient so that they do not break off or split, which will make your hair thinner.

Give up on blonde. Bleaching your hair removes the outer layers of your hair; this makes it thinner. If you really want thick, luxurious hair, you cannot constantly strip your hair.

Look for lauryl sulfate. This chemical, also known as laureth sulfate, causes shampoos to foam and makes you feel like you are really giving your hair a good washing. However, it also strips your hair the same way that bleach does, so using an organic shampooo that does not contain this chemical will help your hair grow thick and strong.


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