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How to Improve Your Sex Life

Sex LifeSpend less time worrying about orgasms and more time acquiring the knowledge needed to experience the sexual pleasure that most of us crave and all of us deserve with these great orgasm tips and techniques.

Searching for tips on how to improve your sex life? Want to know exactly how to do it? Most men don’t realize that women are not as obsessed about sex as their men are. Regarding sex, however, women DO want men to understand a few things about sex so as to make the act of lovemaking more successful.

They want the sexual experience to be as satisfying for women as it is for men. So, in order to improve your sex life, women for example, need time to warm up during sex before beginning to enjoy it to reach an orgasm . Men often hurry up and go for the intercourse too fast, leaving the woman not really in the mood.

Just seeing a naked man before her is not enough of a turn on for women and they won’t get as aroused just with that. She really needs to fall into your arms and be caressed in order to feel aroused and ready for sex. Men should be aware of her needs for a better sex life.

There are three secrets to sexual success that most women would wish their men would know and understand…so as to improve their sex life with amazing fun!

Secret No: 1

Guys need to really know that they can’t get a girl to feel hot in bed right away. It just makes the woman feel that they are being used for sex and she may resent you for doing this.

Instead, take the time to get into some heavy foreplay in order to arouse the female. Touch her and kiss her so she feels your body next to hers. Her juices will get going and she will begin to be responsive to your further advances to reach an orgasm.

Spend time exploring her body and not just the obvious parts either to improve your sexual experience. There are many erogenous zones a woman has, including her neck, shoulders, earlobes, breasts, buttocks, navel, forehead and back.

Secret No: 2

Consider the g-spot, which is a spot in the vagina that has a great many nerve endings and which, when stimulated, provides a woman with a lot of pleasure. Find her g spot in order to give her the maximum sexual experience in an orgasm that will improve your sex life.

Men need to know that, while sex ends after the act of intercourse, it may just be the beginning for women. She may need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm herself and she will want to emotionally connect with the man after the experience of sex. Spend the time to stimulate her mind and don’t forget to be sincere to reach an orgasm.

Secret No: 3

Sex is a two way street with both partners receiving and giving pleasure. It should be a top priority to give her a positive sexual experience so that you both can enjoy the experience to improve your sex life. If she likes oral sex, give her several orgasms by means of clitoral stimulation before going for intercourse.

Control the ejaculatory urge in order to create a better longer lasting sexual experience. Finally, don’t forget to hold her in your arms after the experience so she and you can enjoy orgasmic bliss together.

If you are sincerely looking to improve your sex life, don’t assume that intercourse will lead her to climax as this is rarely the case. Women need clitoral stimulation either manually or via oral sex in order to reach a good orgasm. You can do this before or after intercourse, depending on what she would prefer.

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