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How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Male baldness and thinning hair causes distress to the majority of men it affects will affect the vast majority of men at some point in their lives. But there are three reasons why this already massive number is set to rise even more!

For approximately 20% of men, male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) will start as early as puberty. For them, hair loss will be extremely rapid and severe. For 60%, this process is more gradual, or might start later on in life. Nevertheless, they too can eventually suffer extensive hair loss. This leaves just 20% of men who might never experience male baldness. But, even for them, a future full of scalp hair is now far from certain. These are the reasons why:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • An aging population

Poor nutrition

Nearly everyone loves junk food. It tastes great doesn’t it? But would it taste as great if you were told that it’s making your hair loss worse?

It’s well known that the typical junk food diet enjoyed by Western societies is causing a serious obesity problem, and that degenerative disorders like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes also have a big connection with this type of diet.

However, the excessive consumption of beer, burgers, sugary drinks, red meat, etc, can also contribute to male baldness: if your normal day-to-day diet contains too much sugar and fat, your rate of hair loss can increase. That’s because these types of food can affect your hormone production and balance. And hormones have, undeniably, been linked to male baldness.

The hormone mostly responsible for male baldness is a derivative of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). And, given that testosterone is derived from fat, it’s very easy to see how DHT levels can become excessive if you eat too much junk food.

Your body also uses fat to produce sebum (an oily substance secreted from hair follicles). In excess, sebum may also hinder hair growth by clogging up the follicles as hair tries to grow along them.

Your body can convert any excess of food you eat into fat. And this is especially true of sugar. Male baldness has been associated with high insulin levels, and insulin production usually increases when you consume more sugar. This, by the way, includes alcohol – sugar forms a significant part of many alcoholic drinks. And simply taking vitamins for thinning hair and hair loss won’t help nearly as much as avoiding junk food in the first place.

So, if you regularly consume high levels of sugar and fat, you won’t be doing your hair any favours at all!


Male BaldnessMore and more people are living today’s fast paced 24-7 lifestyle. The whole world, it seems, is getting faster! And with this hectic way of life comes an increase in stress. Physical, chemical, and mental stress can all upset a body trying to maintain balance.

Physical and chemical stress can come from many sources – pollutants within the environment (city smog, exhaust fumes, etc), insufficient sleep (do you get 8 hours every night?) a junk food diet, cigarette smoke, deodorants, etc. All these things are unnatural and will accumulate within your body and upset its balance.

Even when you play sport, your body is placed under stress. Physical exercise is quite obviously healthy to an extent. But, if you over exert yourself, or undertake rigorous exercise nearly every day, your body will experience more stress.

Mental stress can easily develop from work pressure (deadlines and responsibilities) and stressful relationships (perhaps the mother-in-law?) All these things can fester in your mind and prolong the stress response you have.

Stress can seriously disrupt hormone balance, and that means bad news for your hair! The accumulation of stress in your life year-on-year can show itself by causing your rate of hair loss to increase.

An aging population

Thanks to improvements in hygiene, healthcare and medical procedures, people are living longer than ever before. This means that the percentage of older men in the population is increasing (i.e., when compared to the percentage of younger men). As a result, the previous two reasons for this rise in male baldness will, quite simply, apply to more people. Bit by bit, the cumulative damage from years of eating and drinking junk, as well as other forms of stress, will take their toll.

As you age, your metabolism slows down. This means that your body finds it much more difficult to maintain sufficient hormone levels and balance. And, as already stated, the inability to maintain proper hormone balance can cause male hair loss to increase. Basically, for the vast majority of men, an older body simply does not grow hair as well as it used to!

Note that, poor diet, stress and aging are not the underlying cause of male pattern baldness, but they can make any existing hair loss condition you have, worse. There are also many other factors that can affect both hair loss and growth.


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