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Top Five Best Sex Position

Sexuality PositionsFor us, men and women, having sex is not only a way to reproduce but most important of all to fulfill the needs of our body as humans, the need of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And the best way to satisfy that sexual urge is to practice intimate sexuality positions that both partners really love and enjoy.

There are many sizzling sexuality positions that most partners would love to try during sexual encounter. These will allow both of you to achieve a higher level of satisfaction during your love making sessions.

Some sexual positions are better to make her climax than others. The biggest trick is figuring out the best position for your girl, because every woman’s body is different. There are women who can only climax with clitoral stimulation and others who can wildly orgasm from penetration alone. The following five sexual positions seem to work for the majority of women. Try them all and pick your favorite!


The missionary position works for many women because it allows for deep penetration. For additional stimulation, use your fingers on her clitoris while you thrust in and out.

Missionary With A Twist

If you want to spice up the missionary sex position, lift her legs up onto your shoulders while you penetrate her vagina. This opens her up for even deeper penetration and makes stimulation of her g-spot easier.

Doggy Style

This sexual position allows for maximum penetration and very easy access to her clitoris. All you have to do is reach around her while you penetrate, and there it is. Doggy style also gives the woman the ability to control the speed of thrusting, pushing back or pulling forward as her orgasm gets closer.

Girl On Top

Many women like to be on top because this gives them room to move their body around until they find the sweet spot. This sexual position also gives easy access to the clitoris for easy stimulation and wild orgasms to follow.

Face to Face

Start out this sexual position with her on top, and once you’re inside her, sit up so your faces come together. This gives her more freedom of movement so you can hit all of her hot spots, including her g-spot. Her clitoris is also open and easily available for finger stimulation and mind-blowing orgasm.

All women are different, and each woman needs different techniques and positions to experience real orgasms. If you have a hard time giving your partner an orgasm, then there might be simple solution you haven’t thought of.

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